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Forms, Facts and Advice For Interlock Customers
As A Smart Start DMV authorized interlock installer and dealer we get asked many questions about interlock devices. The biggest question people want answers to is; How do I get my driver’s license re-instated? Below are the steps you need to make it happen.

How do I reinstate my drivers license?


  • Call the DMV to find out your reinstatement date.  If you are within a month, congratulations as you are on your way to getting your restricted drivers license.
  • Write down the necessary forms required  and ask which  program the DMV has you on.  Depending on which program you are on there will be different forms to complete your application.
  • Ask whether or not a written or driving test will be required of you.
DMV phone number:  (303) 205-5613


  • Setup your installation appointment with an approved interlock vendor such as Smart Start inc.  (719) 358-2595.  You need to get the interlock device installed first before your reinstatement application will be approved.
  • The only documents we need for your installation is your vehicle registration and your COPIN.  The Colorado Personal Identification Number is your original Colorado’s drivers license or the issued Colorado identification number if you surrendered your original license.
  • If you are new to the state and don’t have a COPIN, please contact us as we can guide you how to obtain one.
Upon completion of the installation.  You will be provided with two DMV documents.  You will receive a hard-copy of the  installation certificate  and a  lease agreement.  This is for your record only.  These documents will be sent directly to the DMV for you.


Contact your insurance company to obtain a SR-22 policy.  The SR-22 requires the insurance company to notify the DMV of any policy cancellation.  Your original insurance rate should remain approximately the same.  If it is more, we would advise shopping around.


The DMV should have advised you on whether or not any dui counseling courses will be required from you.  If so, make sure that you have proof of enrollment or completion.


Submit all required forms or documents by the following methods:
  1. Take all document to the the DMV office located at 1881 Pierce St, Lakewood, CO 80214
  2. Mail all document to:  Colorado Department of Revenue, Driver Control Reinstatement, PO Box 173345, Denver, CO 80217-3345
  3. Upload all documents to the DMV and pay any fees:
  4. Click on the reinstatement button
  5. Select the Driver/ID Services
  6. You can pay your reinstatement fee or View/Upload documents